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testing some links, unordered lists, ordered lists, blocquotes etc

By JackBook.Com

OK, now let's see how it goes.
Here is some links love to my original wordpress theme creator, Web Kreation dot com. And here is a love link for my Blogger Template Autor: Jacky Supit :)

Now for some unordered list.

To Install this blogger template, please read the guidance carefully

  • Download the Template from JackBook.Com site
  • Read the guidance. If Jacky said this template needs at least 2 HTML / Javascript widgets, then go create it first
  • Host all the images to your own googlepages
    1. go open the xml file
    3. replace it with your own GOOGLEPAGES-ADDRESS
    4. save the file
    5. upload it to your own blogspot blogs.
    Remember to always backup your previous template first!
  • Leave your comment there on not here.
And this is the famous quote from my master,

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How do you think guys? :) thanks